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Rose Taylor

July 26, 2014
Dear all,

For those who have not had news of Rosie's health and well-being for some timeshe has continued to have ups and downs over the past couple of years.  A great disappointment was the return of the paralysis in her lower body, towards the end of 2011.  An even greater disappointment was the decision of the anaesthetists early in 2012, that the state of her lungs and heart would prevent their giving her anaesthetic for another operation on the spinal chord ; Rose has since had to learn to live in a wheelchair.

Two or three months ago, the extreme respiratory crises (rather like extreme brittle asthma) started to become even more frequent. Two or three years ago they were once every two months , now they are every one to two weeks. During the last-but-one crisis, the doctors told us that this was a more serious attack than Rose had previously suffered.  During the most recent crisis, from which Rose has only just about recovered, the doctors made it clear that it was uncertain whether she would survive. In the past she was off the ventilator in 24 or 48 hours but now it is 8 plus days.  Rose has been seen by a priest and has received the sacraments, and has been preparing herself in case she does not survive next time.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and support.
Henry, Ruth and family

April, the 4th - 2012
Since last summer Rose is being followed in ENT for ulcers in her nose, and in dermatology for a skin ulcer : both doctors have suggested that the cause might be a type of vascularitis, but the definite "indicators" of this have not been picked-up either in blood tests or in biopsies. During the autumn, the partial paralysis of her lower body came back again, and the neuro-surgeon found that the "spinal tethering" syndrome had once more developed : he says it might be on account of a vascularitis that the lipoma has grown again so quickly.
She started a new treatment with Bricanyl in tablet form, which damps-down the respiratory crises ; but at the same time, the state of her heart has definitely got worse.
She is waiting for a coloscopy and a biopsy of the colon at the begfinning of April, to see whether it is being attacked by a vascularitis ; and a second operation on her spinal cord is booked for April 17th.

June, the 15th - 2011
The biopsy went well. Thank you all for your parayers. The doctors had said it would be painful, but it wasn't too bad at all and Rose was in good form afterwards. She even went away for a couple of days soon afterwards with Sarah, to Lourdes. We are now awaiting the results. The results are to be communicated during a consulation on the 23 rd June. The diagnosis that is being looked at is a type of vascularitis, in particular Wegner's Disease.
We continue to count on your prayers and to assure of ours too. Best wishes from all here, the Taylor family.

May, the 30th - 2011
Rose is still spending all of her time in hospital. The question of the diagnosis is now wide open again. She will undergo a painful biopsy on the 30th of May. Definite diagnosis should be possible soon after.
We are still counting on your prayers. Your previous message of encouragement was greatly appreciated by Rose and by her family. Please think about sending some more words of encouragement to Rose over the next few days, as such messages are a great comfort. Thanking you in advance.

June, the 30th - 2010 :
We would like to ask once again for your prayers please for Rose Taylor. She has been in hospital three times in the last month, once in Chelsea and Westminster hospital during a visit to London, once in Poitiers University Hospital, and now in Niort. She is in intensive care and her condition is very serious. We hope that she can be transferred to Paris to see a specialist there. Please pray for Rose and for her family. Thank you.

January, the 5th - 2010 :
Rose came out of hospital (CHU Poitiers) on the 30th December. She is at home with her family at Paizay le Chapt. She is, relatively speaking, quite well for her. We have been touched by her positive attitude and constant smile. She has accepted the impossibility of taking up an independant life as a student again, and is adapting her studies accordingly. She will "soon" (it could take up to three months) have a consultation with a specialist in Paris to get a second opinion.

December, 11th :
Rose celebrated her 20th birthday on the Lung Ward of the University Hospital in Poitiers ; a stay that lasted around 10 days.  Eversince she has had continually had problems with her breathing , never being really better, and needing to take ever more medication.
Right now (since the evening of Tuesday the 8th December) she is once more in the  Medical Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital, Poitiers. She is once more on the ventilator , and is deeply asleep in a medically induced artificial « « coma. »
Her Daddy was recently in hospital himself for a fairly serious condition , and although he is once more home again, he nevertheless remains very weak .He has not yet been able to go to visit Rose at the hospital during this her lates t stay.
Let us then continue to pray for Rose, for all the medical staff who are caring for here , and for her whole family.

November, 12th:
After obtaining good results in her bac, Rose has started on a course in modern languages at the university of Poitiers.  Her health is generally better, though her heart is worse now than earlier in the year;  she has at present a lung infection, and is in the pneumologie ward at the Poitiers university hospital (CHU).

August, 10th:
Rose has now returned home, and is in rather good health (the lungs are much better than they were a year ago). She passed her Bac with a “mention assez bien”, and so has applied to study in first year of what is called “applied foreign languages”, which consists of studying the languages, with history, business, and law. She will start her first year at Poitiers University in September.

Between the 13th and the 25th August, Rose and her eldest sister, who is also her confirmation sponsor, are going on pilgrimage in thanks giving. They will go to Rome, where they have obtained permission to assist an audience with the Pope, and also to San Giovanni Rotondo, in the south of Italy. This is the village where Saint Padre Pio lived for a long time, and where his body is exposed to pilgrims at the moment.

June 25th :
Rose Taylor, age 19, is suffering from various serious conditions (lungs, neurology, heart, digestive….) some of these since birth. For the last four years, she has spent much of her time in hospital. Nevertheless those around her are able – even in these difficult circumstances – to testify that she shows great courage and lives life in a joyful frame of mind. She has several times been on pilgrimage to Lourdes. Rose sat her last exam on the 24th of June, and is now awaiting the results which  appear on the
7th July.
The operation of the 26th June went well, but the recovery is much more slow than she had hoped. The issue of juggling all the medication is always somewhat complicated since certain drugs that are recommended for
one condition (heart, lungs…) are contra-indicated for another. Thus Rose has to be patient and be prepared to take her time, for as long as her recovery takes.

Let us ask the Lord to support Rose and her family in their difficulties and to give them unity as a family and spiritual comfort and peace.

  • Novena to the Martins, parents of St. Therese de Lisieux
Louis et Zelie Martin, we come to you who, by fulfilling the duties of your state in life and following the Gospel, lived the ideal of Christian virtue in your role as a couple and in your role as parents. May we, by the example of your unshakeable confidence in God and your constant self-abandonment to His Will in the face of the joys and trials, the suffering and grief which life afforded, be encouraged to persevere through our daily difficulties and remain full of the joy and hope that is the Christian’s lot.

We ask that you intercede for us to the Father, that we may obtain the graces so necessary in our earthly life, and that we may dwell in the Beatific Vision as you do. Amen.

One Decade of the Rosary, followed by the Litany :

V/ Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin,
R/ pray for us.
V/ Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin,
R/ pray for us.
V/ Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin,
R/ pray for us.

  • Prayer for the Holy Father
Let us pray for our Pontiff, Pope Benedict.
The Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him to be blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies.
V/ You are Peter
R/ And on this rock I will build my Church.

Let us pray.
Almighty and everlasting God, look down with favor on your servant Bendict, whom you have appointed shepherd of Your Church on Earth. Guide him in word and deed that he and those whom You have entrusted to him might have eternal life. Through Christ our Lord.
R/ Amen.

V/ Our Lady of Lourdes,
R/ pray for us.
V/ Our Lady of Lourdes,
R/ pray for us.
V/ Our Lady of Lourdes,
R/ pray for us.

  • Prayer of Reciprocity
Let us pray for the families who support us.
May the Lord fill them with love and afford them the strength to seek their salvation
in striving  to do His Holy Will. May they see in this earthly existence a glimpse of the joy of Heaven for which we strive in all faith and hope.
In Christ our Lord. Amen.

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