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Newsletter n°5 - October, the 25th - 2009

Dear friends of CathoFamiLink,

For several weeks, many of you have been signing up to prayer chains to support friends who are suffering. It could even be that you only know them as friends of friends. Your attention towards them is all the more delicate. We are sometimes asked if this or that intention is really worthy of a prayer chain. Behind this question, there is perhaps a certain modesty in presenting a situation which seems less urgent or important compared to other more dramatic ones or ones which seem to lead inexorably toward the dreaded fatal outcome.
There are no such things as small and big prayer intentions, good or bad ones. The distress of the moment, whatever the situation, is unique to the family or people who experience the trial, calling for the support of their dear ones and acquaintances to steer a safe course with the help of the Lord and of compassionate brothers and sisters. “Compassion” and “sympathy” are the same thing. To carry the sufferings of my neighbour, to share for an instant his yolk as Saint Paul invites us to (Galatians 6, 2), allows him to not feel completely alone in adversity. This is exactly the mission of the CathoFamiLink website. It exists to serve those links of charity expressed by prayer, and perhaps more materially if you are geographically close to those in need. It would be a great joy for us to know that this prayer engagement sometimes leads to closer material help.
Would you allow me once more to refer you to my appeal in newsletters 2 and 3? Do not make too much demand on the time you spend praying, but spread your charity over a wider horizon by signing up to pray for the prayer intentions regularly left on the website. And let us not forget to add to these the intention for the sanctification of priests and for priestly vocations. This is an urgent intention for our world and particularly for Western society. Do not forget it and invoke Our Lady so that she may obtain for us priests who will be saints.
I thank you on behalf of all of you!

Father Philippe-Marie


This time, the beginning of the academic year went well for CathoFamiLink. We noticed a strong increase both in visits to the site, particularly at the end of September and beginning of October, and in difficulties made known to us by correspondents; several new requests for prayer chains and a sustained rhythm of prayer intentions. We suffer alongside our correspondents in the painful and often dramatic situations which are shown to us, but at the same time we are happy that so much suffering can find not only a place to be expressed, but especially create a “community” where families pray for families, the sick for the well and the well for the sick, those who are in darkness for those enjoying the light and vice versa.

Some statistics :
  • 6 prayer chains are active and unite 385 people praying for them.
  • More than one new prayer intention reaches us each day. In one month the page has been consulted 858 times for an average length of more than 4 minutes. This means that many visitors to the site open the page and take the time to read attentively. It would be difficult to believe that compassion and prayer are far from their souls. Difficult also to think that the intentions they learn about could be absent from their daily prayer, whether or not they pray according to the formula proposed by the spirituality of the site. Difficult also to believe that these prayers would not receive an attentive welcome in heaven even if those who pray have not signed up as such. But if they were to sign up, it would be even better.
  • # Since mid-September, 5 acts of thanksgiving have been sent to the site. This is a start. Do we always remember that thanksgiving is also a way of giving news to the readers of the site when the evolution of the situation allows us to do so, or simply to share with all the joy of being children of God at different moments of our life?
  • The number of people signed up to the newsletter is regularly increasing. Today there are 105.
  • With the new academic year, the structure of access to the site has changed significantly: 37% (or 1130) visits over the last 30 days were made by direct access to the website, a percentage and figure which has clearly risen, which means that these are mostly faithful readers and not those visiting by chance. 49% come via links from other websites: do not hesitate to put us in touch with sites in which you can play a role, whatever their content. The rest of the 14% of visitors come via search engines.
And don’t forget, prayer intentions are not only reserved for painful situations: we can also pray for fiancées and newly-weds, for a birth… Those who weep together and who hope together are also allowed to laugh and smile together.