Newsletter n°3 - August, the 25th - 2009

Dear friends of CathoFamiLink,

As you read this newsletter, the new academic year is looming.  For young and old alike, there will be a mixture of joy and sadness, enthusiasm and worry.  Every year brings new and unavoidable steps in the journey of family life.  Seized by anxieties and worries, we don’t always remember to entrust it all to the Lord.  Don’t forget in the heat of the moment to do so…

Cathofamilink has also been on holiday: firstly because the site has slowed down a little during this holiday period – which shows that we can get by very well without internet for a little while, and happily so; also, because some of you have been experiencing a magnificent and warm (in every way!) pilgrimage to the Holy Land where we have not forgotten to carry with us all of your intentions in these holy places.  This is a pilgrimage par excellence where we become more aware of the concrete reality of the Incarnation.  God did not simply pretend to take on our mortal and earthly condition.  He really did join us in our weaknesses, our sufferings, and even our sins, in order to deliver us from them. Here is the cause of our true joy and of our hope.  “I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full” (Jn 10: 10). Nothing is ever too damaged or too poor in our life for Jesus to be able to reach and heal it with His grace and His mercy. So let us be confident!

I invite you to read or re-read newsletter 2 because the call, in the desert of the summer holidays, is still searching for a generous response. Intentions are looking for people to pray. What if, without adding to what you are already doing, your project for the new school year could be to enlarge the number of those benefiting from your charity?

Father Philippe-Marie


The fluctuation of visits to the site, after the expected fall at the beginning of the holiday period, is more or less constant and will probably remain so until the end of the holiday. Seasonal journeys, whether touristic holidays or pilgrimages, help us to make new connections: In Lourdes, for example, as in other very spiritual places, the connections made with heaven are constant and free. They “bring home” a great number of graces.  Let’s not deny ourselves these gifts!

There is a link "Contacts" on the homepage. Don’t hesitate to use it. The messages which we receive are most of all messages of gratitude which touch us and sustain us in our efforts of spiritual solidarity and friendship with families. But this page could also be the start of exchanges on a wide variety of topics (advice, suggestions, deepening of general or specific themes). A personal contact could very well begin by an email or telephone exchange. As we are all praying together, this means of exchanging is a useful complement for our relations.


The page "links"

The page "links" which is under construction will allow internet users visiting our site to discover other Catholic websites under the themes of family, children, formation, etc… This page will be partly composed by our team but all suggestions are welcome from you to enrich the “internet library” of this page. To do this, you will simply need to send your contribution to the contacts link on the website.

We are looking forward to the publication of this page, and I wish all of you, on behalf of the Cathofamilink team, an excellent end to your summer holidays.


The Cathofamilink Team