Newsletter n°4 - September, the 25th - 2009

Dear friends,

Cathofamilink is a big family with a heart large enough to embrace the pains and joys of every member. It is good that our communication on the web is already catholic, in the sense of being universal. Our English-speaking friends are ready to contribute a little more and we rejoice at being able to strengthen our ties by offering this newsletter to them in the beautiful language of Shakespeare. Soon perhaps the whole site will be bilingual, but let’s not anticipate too far because we still feel ourselves to be very small and modest. The humming-bird must not take himself for an eagle. Moreover, I myself wish for us to remain small, whatever may (or may not) be the future development of our site.

To touch the Heart of Our Lord, it is better to remain small. But not childish! You remember the gospel of last Sunday when Our Lord gave the example of a child whom He placed in the middle of the disciples. Païdion is the Greek word used. It means a child ready to receive education (or pedagogy), to allow himself to be molded, to grow in wisdom… It is the little way of the little Saint Theresa of Lisieux, surely inspired and transported by the example of her holy parents. Humility is not the most widespread virtue in our world. Has she ever been? She is nevertheless the royal road which leads to the heart of the King of kings. Jesus Himself shows us the example and offers us this sure road of spiritual ascension: “Take my yolk upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for your soul” (Mt 11:29). What better Pedagogue or teacher (this is furthermore the title of a 2nd century work by Clement of Alexandria)?

Let’s place ourselves in His school. Let us imitate him. Let’s not grow tired of sending up towards Him our prayers. According to the measure of our humility, He will allow Himself to be moved. Let us look towards Mary and invoke her, She is the shining and permanent example…

Father Philippe-Marie


Some figures and commentaries since the beginning of the school year :
  • More than 50 visits to the site per day for the last month, made by 1150 different visitors.
  • A praying community (prayer chains and intentions) of 234 people. It would be good to remind ourselves once again of the nature of spiritual reciprocity of the site and it would be appropriate for everyone who leaves a prayer intention there to pray for the intentions of others and to sign up as such. Have we not often moreover noticed that praying for others helps to illuminate our own path? It would furthermore be very useful for everyone to have some discussion on this point. Who would like to start? The link “contacts” is also there to receive your testimonies on this subject.
  • 4 prayer chains are currently running, one having been closed recently. Since the beginning of the site, fifteen have been created and read.
  • Out of the 4 prayer chains, 2 concern people who are either native English speakers or have English-speaking relatives and friends. Even if the great majority of visits to the site are from French-speaking countries, the growth towards the English language is continuing with the development of an English version of the newsletter.
  • On average, since the beginning of the site 7 prayer intentions have been left for each novena. Many are overwhelming. Some reveal a great deal of suffering which is also weighing down on friends and family; should they not also have a place in the prayer chains, either as an emergency measure, or after a period of reflection? The team at Cathofamilink can help these people to reflect on this.
  • The new link “Thanksgiving” has still only received 2 contributions. This link should become one of the important parts of the site because God never forgets us. Very often He answers our prayer even when we don’t expect it; it would be good to talk about this on this page.